OREANDA-NEWS. It is possible to reduce the number of migrants working in the housing and communal services sector in Russia if some workers are replaced with machinery and the process is mechanized, for example, street cleaning, said Yulia Belekhova, head of the Association of chairmen of councils of apartment buildings in the Moscow region. She also proposed to involve residents of the regions in this work using the shift method, writes Radio 1.

«In the sphere of housing and communal services, more equipment is needed in order to reduce the number of people. If there is a technique, then, of course, there will be no need for revenge with a broom, but still it will be mechanized cleaning. And today there is such a good practice as a shift method, when people come from our neighboring regions to do work in the housing and communal services sector», Belekhova explained.

She clarified that people are reluctant to accept such work, so Russians will be able to replace only 10% of migrants. At the same time, according to Belekhova, migration policy directly affects the issue of security of residents of the region. Given the need for an influx of labor in the housing and utilities sector, Belekhova suggested that it is worth focusing on modern technology.