OREANDA-NEWS. The temperature record of 1917 was broken - at 12 o'clock today, on June 22, thermometers at the main meteorological station of Moscow at VDNKh recorded 31.9 degrees.

"This is 0.1 degrees more than June 22, 1917," said the capital's meteorological office.

However, this is not the limit. It is possible that the city will warm up to 35 degrees today. Then the absolute maximum of the June heat in Moscow, which was recorded on June 21, 1901, will be beaten - then the air temperature rose to 34.7 degrees.

A similar situation is observed in St. Petersburg, where a new temperature record was broken on June 22 at 10 am. The air warmed up to 30.7 degrees. This was reported by the State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company "Saint Petersburg" on the air of "Russia 1" and "Russia 24".

According to forecasters, this is the third record in a row in recent days. Experts warn that tomorrow the city and the region will face new temperature records.

Prior to that, the temperature maximum was in 2006. Then the air warmed up to 30.4.

At the weekend Lenavtodor showed to what temperature the asphalt heats up in such weather. Fried eggs were fried on one of the new roads in the Leningrad Region. Moreover, it took only 10 minutes to prepare them.