OREANDA-NEWS. As the NRK television and radio company reports, Norwegian doctors have discovered a new type of coronavirus for this country, which, according to their data, has not been found anywhere before, neither in the kingdom, no abroad.

It is reported that a new type of virus has been discovered in the city of Trondheim. The chief doctor of the commune Tuve Rosstad told the local TV company, that they do not know where this virus came from. Until now, there have been no such variants of the virus in Norway. There was a search in international databases, and this variety was not found there either.

In Tuve Rosstad’s opinion, the number of people infected will only grow as testing is carried out. As the doctor noted, they made the conclusion that the virus had mutated after they discovered that the virus manifests itself somewhat differently - infection is faster.

As official sources report, last weekend, eight people were infected with the coronavirus in Trondheim, seven of whom are young people over 20 years old, all have a fairly mild form of the disease.

Last week it became known that about 1000 people were isolated in Trondheim, 800 of them attended the "Little London" club near the city. The authorities say the situation in Trondheim is under control.