OREANDA-NEWS. Radiotherapist, oncologist, head of the Medical City polyclinic Stanislav Rakitin, in an interview with the Tyumenskaya Oblast Segodnya newspaper, urged to stop eating too hot food as one of the reasons for the development of cancer.

According to him, too hot food leads to burns and deformation of cells, and also affects the work of organs: the esophagus is especially affected. "Japan serves as a confirmation of this pattern. There tumors of the esophagus and stomach are among the top diseases. This is due to the fact that the Japanese eat food immediately, in a very hot state," Rakitin said.

Another non-obvious cause of cancer, the specialist calls promiscuous sexual intercourse. He explained that most often women face this problem due to the human papillomavirus (HPV). "HPV carries with it the risks of cervical, throat and lung cancer. The presence of HPV in the body really leads to the development of oncological processes. Men are more like carriers here," the doctor says.

Rakitin advises women to follow preventive measures, and suppress the virus when infected. He recommends visiting a gynecologist, doing periodic screening and diagnostics.

The doctor recalled that most often the development of cancer is influenced by a genetic predisposition, the state of immunity, as well as bad habits: smoking and drinking alcohol. Moreover, the double habit, he claims, brings an even more carcinogenic effect.