OREANDA-NEWSThe United States offered Turkey several options that would allow it to abandon the Russian S-400 air defense systems. This was announced by Lieutenant-General Charles Hooper, head of the Pentagon’s defense cooperation and security department at the Brookings Institution. He noted that the US authorities had made it clear to the Turkish government that the purchase of the S-400 would have consequences. “At the same time, as an ally, we outlined a number of options that Turkey could use and which would allow it not to take this step”, he said.

At the same time, the US Permanent Representative declared America’s firm position to persuade Turkey to choose their systems, so the Turkish side is obliged to make a choice in a short time; further relations between the two countries will depend on this choice, the expert added. “You have to make a choice. You can have one thing or the other, but not both”, she said, adding that Turkey would lose the F-35 if it received the S-400. Hutchinson noted that Russia is trying to "continue the search for ways" in order to disrupt and weaken NATO.

The Russian side offered Turkey the best conditions for selling its anti-missile systems than the United States. Such a statement was made by the President of Turkey, Rev. Jaip Erdogan, on June 4 before the journalists after a prayer in honor of the end of a long post (Uraz Bayram). “The United States couldn't offer us more suitable conditions for the purchase of their Patriot missile system, as Russia did with its S-400”, said the Turkish leader. The President also recalled that Turkey will create a joint group with the United States to discuss differences over the supply of Russian complexes to Ankara.

At the end of 2017, Russia and Turkey concluded an agreement on the supply of Ankara with four division S-400. The contract amount was $ 2.5 billion. The United States is against the deal, but the Turkish authorities don't want to give up.