OREANDA-NEWS. Citizens fully vaccinated with the Sputnik V vaccine are not contagious. They are not involved in the spread of coronavirus, said Vladimir Gushchin, head of the laboratory of mechanisms of population variability of pathogenic microorganisms at the Gamaleya Center.

"Our data show that people who received two doses of the vaccine do not participate in the spread of the virus, because the virus is not isolated from these people," Gushchin said at the IX International Congress "Orgzdrav 2021. Effective Governance in Health Care".

Also, according to the expert, those few vaccinated patients who nevertheless fell ill with COVID-19 were much less likely to suffer a severe illness than those who were not vaccinated.

"It is important that even isolated cases, when vaccinated people get sick, have a 14 times lower chance of getting an infection in moderate and severe form," said Gushchin. In his opinion, this should convince even the most stubborn skeptic of the effectiveness of the vaccine.

As reported by "Interfax", now in Russia 10 percent of the population is fully vaccinated against coronavirus.

“Unfortunately, we are not leaders in terms of vaccination, our dynamics is rather low compared to other countries,” he stated.

Among the countries where it was possible to vaccinate half of the population or more, the expert named Great Britain, Israel and the United States. Some European countries have already managed to achieve the development of herd immunity. In particular, we are talking about Malta. And the Republic of San Marino managed to completely defeat COVID-19. There, the Russian "Sputnik V" is also used for vaccination.