OREANDA-NEWS Tatyana Klochkova, professor of the Kamchatka State Technical University, said, that the cause of the mass death of marine animals in Kamchatka could be the bloom of toxic algae.

She explained that there is a version of the effect of dinoflagellates. They were found in bottom sediments, and this is normal. In their development cycle, there is a stage in bottom sediments, then they can rise, migrate in the water column and bloom. In fact, this situation occurs periodically in Kamchatka.

Massive outbreaks of some of dinoflagellates lead to water bloom. During this phenomenon, some toxins can be released into the water, which can cause the death of marine animals and lead to severe poisoning in humans.

According to Tatyana Klochkova, this summer in the region was warm enough, and this could provoke algae bloom. To test this version, experts need to take samples of phytoplankton and determine the content of toxins in them. She added that it is a local phenomemon, and it can be controlled. According to her, it happened in one small place, which could be easily found and localized after finding.

The professor promises that if the cause of the ecologic incident is this one, the ecosystem will recover after a while.