OREANDA-NEWS Specialists from the Polytechnic School of Lausanne showed how the robots that they created can work as a single group, dividing responsibilities among each other. 

The robot which was created by scientists can crawl on a flat and even inclined surface, as well as jump, carrying a small freight on itself. But according to engineers, it is better to combine such mini-robots into groups. Then they will be able to cope with more complex tasks, for example, to move a concrete heavy block. 

As a result, the engineers showed how the operation of moving the unit is carried out by five robots. So, before the smart mechanisms set the task to move the unit for some distance. At the same time one could not cope with this, but it would be enough for two. The operation involved five robots. Two of them were pushing the block, taking the signal from the third. The third one together with another robot served as a signal transmitter from the fifth one, measuring with the help of the sensor the distance that the unit moved.