OREANDA-NEWSDmitry Rogozin:"If Russia stops cooperating with Kazakhstan at the Baikonur cosmodrome, Roskosmos is able to provide manned spaceship launches from the territory of the Russian Federation for one and a half years." The new Russian project - Vostochny Cosmodrome, where it is necessary to complete the maintenance tower, open areas for landing ships in the Pacific Ocean in case of an accident at launch, and also create marine search and rescue teams. At the same time, Rogozin noted that the launch of cargo ships is possible within two to three months.

Dmitry Rogozin answered a journalist's question about the actions of Russia in case the relations with the new leadership of Kazakhstan are not in the best shape.
According to him, to launch manned ships from the East, we must complete the maintenance tower, open areas for landing a ship in the Pacific Ocean in case of an accident, and create naval search and rescue teams. “As for the crews - no, we cannot. But after 1.5 years of active work, and it will take about 6.5 billion rubles, then "yes" ”, the head of Roscosmos said. 

Add, that Ex-president of the republic Nursultan Nazarbayev announced the resignation on March 19, while leaving the post of head of the national Security Council. On the same day, the former leader of the country contacted by telephone with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko. Today, Kasym-Zhomart Tokayev, Speaker of the Senate of Kazakhstan, performs the duties of the head of state.

Currently, all Russian launches to the International Space Station (ISS) are carried out from Baikonur. After 2025, the launches of the heavy Proton-M rocket will be stopped from the spaceport. In 2022, the first launch of the Soyuz-5 (Irtysh) medium-class launch vehicles being created in Russia with "the Federation" spaceship is to take place from Baikonur.