OREANDA-NEWS. At the height of the summer season Rospotrebnadzor specialists prepared a memo for the Russians, in which they told about the danger of tick bites and diseases they carry.

May and June are the most dangerous months, when the ticks' activity is the highest. Among the infections that people can become infected by ticks are ixodic tick-borne borreliosis, which affects up to 10 thousand Russians every year. At the diseased begins a fever, affects the cardiovascular and nervous systems. Ticks are also carriers for diseases such as: spotted fever; crimean hemorrhagic fever; Ku-fever; granulocytic anaplasmosis; monocytic ehrlichiosis; viral tick-borne encephalitis.

There's only one way to develop a strong immunity against tick-borne encephalitis: to get vaccinated. Russians can get a free vaccination at any state clinic at the place of registration. The standard vaccination scheme against tick-borne viral encephalitis consists of three preventive vaccinations.

The vaccine protects 95% of the vaccinated people. But even if a disease does occur in vaccinated people, it has less consequences.

Russians are advised to be attentive to their health and observe all safety and preventive measures