OREANDA-NEWSRussian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev decided to form a Council of world-class research and education centers. The same document, published on the official portal of legal information, approved the regulation on the Council.

Creating a network of world-class research and education centers is one of the objectives of the national project "Science", which sets a goal to put Russia in 2024 among the top five countries that carry out research and development in areas defined by the priorities of scientific and technological development. In addition, according to the national project, attractive conditions must be created for work in the Russian Federation for Russian and foreign leading scientists, as well as for young promising researchers, and for increased domestic costs of research and development. In particular, the national project provides for updating at least 50% of the instrumentation base of leading organizations that carry out research and development.

The decree notes that "The World-Class Research and Education Centers Council is a permanent interdepartmental coordinating body established to consider the selection and coordination of world-class research and education centers in order to provide grants in the form of subsidies from the federal budget to provide state support for the basis of the integration of educational institutions of higher education and scientific organizations and their cooperation with organizations operating and in the real economy".

The composition of the Council is approved by the Government of the Russian Federation, members of the Council participate in its work on a grant basis. This will raise the level of Russian science and international cooperation in this area.