OREANDA-NEWSA project to collect automotive data will be created and launched in Russia. The corresponding decision was made in the framework of the implementation of the Avtonet national technological initiative, said Deputy Head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Alexander Morozov during the VII International Eurasian Taxi Forum.

“An important decision that was made just yesterday as part of the implementation of the Avtonet national technological initiative is the decision to create and implement the big data project in the Russian Federation, within the framework of which by February next year the Russian government will formulate a technical task and form a model for the collection project data that the car generates today", said Morozov.

He also noted that the task set by the government of the Russian Federation is to create an open association with open membership, which anonymized data from cars would come in a certain format. "This is necessary so that an enterprise that builds its business, relying on information about transportation, traffic, passenger preferences, and the number of cars, can use these anonymized data to create new businesses, new services, offer new logistics services, better plan your activities and better predict customer behavior", he said.

The "Avtonet" Russian media reported that the corresponding project is being developed. The National Technology Initiative is a state program of measures to form fundamentally new markets and create conditions for Russia's global technological leadership by 2035. The program consists of eleven areas, including the Avtonet market, for the development of which a working group of the same name has been created.

At the same time, Avtonet previously reported that it would develop a legislative initiative by the end of the year that could give car owners the right to own the "big data" generated by their cars. As explained in the NTI, about 10 thousand parameters are planned to be attributed to the data collected from automobiles, including data on the technical condition of the car, the driving style of the car owner and his observance of traffic rules and so on.