OREANDA-NEWS RosCosmos announced an open competition for the creation of an information system to provide consumers with access to earth remote sensing (ERS) data. Also, customers are the Ministry of Emergency Situations, Ministry of Natural Resources, Ministry of Agriculture, Roshydromet and other agencies of Russia, according to the terms of reference published on Monday on the website of public procurement.

"The purpose of the R&D [part of the development work] is to create a state information system using key elements of A unified geographically distributed information system of remote sensing of the Earth (ETRIS remote sensing), which allows to provide Federal Executive authorities, regional and municipal Executive authorities, individual state and commercial organizations, as well as individuals with remote sensing data," the document says.

The initial cost of the contract is 78.9 million rubles. Of these, more than 25.4 million rubles will go to pay. The work must be completed from the date of the contract until November 25, 2019. The created product will be called the state information system for providing consumers with remote sensing Data.

The system will consist of hardware and software, special software, information security system, a set of installation parts, network equipment and other parts. At the same time, the product is not required to ensure the regime of secrecy, protection from foreign technical intelligence.

When creating a manufacturer will have to take into account not only the Russian experience. "When choosing software and technologies, modern world experience should be taken into account," the technical task says.

Users will be able to receive information from four state and non-state earth-sensing spacecraft, as well as products based on the processing of this information.