OREANDA-NEWS. Doctors from India have announced the discovery of new symptoms of the coronavirus. We are talking about such a symptom as severe dry mouth. Reported by The Sun.

You should also pay attention to symptoms such as irritation, itching and pain in the tongue area. In rare cases, the patient may develop ulcers.

One of the Indian doctors cited a 55-year-old patient as an example. He did not have a fever, while conjunctivitis, fatigue and dry mouth were observed. Soon, the man was diagnosed with COVID-19.

Doctors drew attention to the fact that when fatigue appears, as well as problems in the oral cavity, it is worth taking an infection test. It is possible that the manifestation of certain symptoms is influenced by the subspecies of the coronavirus.

Signs of COVID-19 were previously reported, increasing the risk of death sixfold. Neurological diseases play a huge role, experts say.

Apart from India, there has been a large increase in the number of cases in Thailand. In Thailand, for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic, local doctors have registered almost 10 thousand coronavirus infections in one day. On Monday, May 17, the number of cases of infection registered per day in the country amounted to 9,635. Of this number, 6,853 cases were registered among prisoners in penitentiary institutions, another 2,782 cases among the civilian population. In addition, on the same day, 25 new deaths were recorded, caused by COVID-19, and 1,397 recoveries.