OREANDA-NEWS  Russian dietitian Mikhail Ginzburg said that onions have an oncostatic effect and protect against cancer.

The doctor explains that onions contain a substance called quericin, which strengthens the vascular walls of the human body and has an anti-inflammatory effect. Garlic and ginger also have similar properties.

Ginzburg says that the lighter the onions are, the more pungent they will taste.

In addition, according to the doctor, onions prevent aging and stimulate digestion. The healthiest onion is purple onion because it contains the most antioxidants, the doctor said.

The best foods for cancer prevention have previously been identified. Garlic, Brazil nuts and broccoli can protect the body from cancer. In addition, consuming garlic reduces the likelihood of stomach cancer by 15 percent, as it stimulates the natural defenses of the immune system.