OREANDA-NEWS  Russian doctor and broadcaster Alexander Myasnikov agreed with the statement of Microsoft founder Bill Gates that a new serious pandemic awaits humanity.

According to doctor, the medical world has long awaited an epidemic of bird or swine flu with a mortality rate of 35 percent. The doctor assured that he himself had repeatedly warned about the impending pandemic. Therefore, a universal influenza vaccine has been developed in the world.

According to Dr. Myasnikov, the COVID-19 epidemic with its minimum mortality rate of 2 percent showed the complete unpreparedness of mankind for a serious epidemic.

The doctor added that he always suggested that COVID-19 be considered training, and offered to thank the coronavirus for showing how much humanity is not ready to fight the epidemic. To confront the new pandemic, it is necessary to establish a disease monitoring process around the world - this will help not miss the moment when the new virus begins to spread.

Recall that in January, Bill Gates said that the world could face a pandemic dozens of times worse than the current COVID-19 pandemic. According to him, humanity is still not ready for a new epidemic of this magnitude.