OREANDA-NEWS Russian experts of space control of the space forces  found in near-earth orbit 700 new objects in 2018 year, and also controlled the descent from orbit 300 objects, told in the press service of the Ministry of Defense.

"During the past year, the specialists of the main center for space exploration discovered and took over 700 space objects, monitored the launch of more than 400 spacecraft, provided forecasting and control of the termination of the ballistic existence of 300 space objects," the military Department said.

They specified that the specialists of the Main center for space exploration paid special attention to the control of the composition and condition of the orbital groups of foreign space systems, as well as to the prevention of dangerous approaches of domestic satellites to other space objects.

According to NASA, there are about 19 thousand artificial objects visible from the Earth in the near-earth orbit.

In the catalog of the Russian System of space monitoring of the number of 13 thousand artificial objects: 7 thousand larger than 20 centimeters in low earth orbit (from 160 to 2 thousand kilometers), and 6 thousand with the size of 20-40 cm high (from 2 thousand to 50 thousand kilometers) earth orbit.

In 2016, scientists of TsNIIMash came to the conclusion that if you do not deal with the problem of space debris, then after 100-200 years, the development of space activities may stop — the entire near-earth orbit will be strewn with debris of space technology. In this regard, the Institute has developed and Rosstandart in 2018, the state adopted the national standard for limiting the technogenic pollution of near-earth space and deep space.

In February 2009, the first recorded collision of two spacecraft — the Soviet military satellite Cosmos-2251 and the American telecommunications vehicle Iridium 33-took place in orbit. They broke up almost 2 thousands of fragments. The resulting debris has repeatedly posed a threat to the International space station.