OREANDA-NEWS. Optical quantum generators based on gas-dynamic, electric-discharge and chemical bases are ineffective and expensive for creating laser weapons (LO), in connection with which scientists have changed approaches to the development of appropriate weapons. The head of the department of high-power lasers of the General Physics Institute (GPI) of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS), Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, full member of the Academy of Military Sciences Viktor Apollonov told the "Military-Industrial Courier" about this.

According to him, now in the leading countries of the world they are working on a new weapon - strategic and tactical solid-state aircraft. "We will learn about this success of the new generation solid-state aircraft very soon, when the leading countries equip their armed forces with compact and light tactical aircraft systems with a capacity of up to 500 kilowatts, capable of solving a wide range of tasks in power and functional modes, respectively, at ranges of many tens and hundreds of kilometers," the doctor of sciences warned.

The head of the institute's department is confident that "at the next stage, when a high-energy strategic aircraft with a range of thousands and tens of thousands of kilometers will enter space (and this will inevitably happen through the efforts of the United States), the cost of the lost time will become well understood by everyone."

The scientist noted that at the present time "there are no significant successes in the experimental development of promising directions for creating a light, compact and effective tactical aircraft in Russia."