OREANDA-NEWS. The world's first vaccine against cat allergies will be released this year by Russian scientists. This information was reported by Peter Glybochko, the rector of Sechenov University, which develops the drug. A search is underway for a substance that will become the main component of the future vaccine.

«If the pandemic does not interfere, this year there will be [a vaccine]», the scientist said. His words are reported by RIA Novosti.

Initially, it was assumed that the prototype will appear in 2021, but the pandemic has made adjustments to these plans. Research has been going on for more than two years, but today, for obvious reasons, cooperation between scientists is difficult.

Veterinarians, meanwhile, are concerned about the health of the cats themselves. They believe, that cats suffer from the coronavirus as much as people, so a sick pet needs to create special living conditions and change it's diet. This was told to the publication «Ridus» by the veterinarian Andrey Pashkevich.

More often, animals with autoimmune problems get sick with coronavirus. In it, the virus can mutate and cause a complication. However, a person can neither transmit the coronavirus to an animal, nor get an infection from it, doctors say.