OREANDA-NEWS. The first results of scientific research in the Khabarovsk Territory showed that it is necessary to get vaccinated against COVID-19 with the coronavirus after 1.5-3 months after the illness, and not six months later, said Evgeny Nikonov, Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Khabarovsk Territory on Social Issues, at a meeting of the headquarters for countering coronavirus.

Earlier, the Moscow authorities informed that they recommend everyone who was vaccinated against coronavirus or had been ill six months ago to get vaccinated again, regardless of the level of antibodies, since "the current strain of coronavirus requires high titers, and they are possible only with vaccination." The director of the Gamaleya Center, Alexander Gunzburg, noted that the approximate period between the transferred coronavirus and vaccination against it should be about two to three months, those who have had a mild form can be vaccinated immediately, but the person should be fully recovered.

"In the region, scientific studies are being carried out on the impact of COVID-19 on the human body. The first results indicate that vaccination of those who have had coronavirus should be carried out in 1.5-3 months, and not six months later. No titer of antibodies after a disease in the human body protects against re-infection, and it, as a rule, proceeds in a more severe form, "Nikonov said at a meeting of the headquarters.