OREANDA-NEWS  The material titled “Ionit” was presented by specialists from the NGO “Health of the Nation”. The antiseptic material is a non-woven fabric. Unlike masks and other personal protective equipment, it not only traps virus particles, but also completely deactivates them. In the production of "Ionit" a component is added to impart plasticity and viscose fiber.

“We “graft”active organic molecules into the structure of the material. These fragments deactivate, that is, destroy, viruses and bacteria when they get to the surface of the material”, - said Maxim Yakovlev, the Development Director of the company. According to him, the canvas that destroys the coronavirus reliably holds bacteria and viruses and does not obstruct breathing at the same time. 

During research at the Federal State Budgetary Institution "48 Central Research Institute" of the Ministry of Defense of Russia, scientists placed a virus strain on the material and checked its structure after 15, 30 and 60 minutes. It turned out that SARS-CoV-2 was deactivated just a second after contact with “Ionit”. Similar results were obtained after contact of the new material with a strain of rabbit pox virus which is considered one of the most resistant pathogens.

Russian specialists intend to use "Ionit" in transport, personal protective equipment, for the production of packaging, clothing and other things. Sales of the material in pharmacies are going to be launched in 2021. The estimated cost of the filter is one hundred rubles, a mask based on this filter will cost about 250 rubles.