OREANDA-NEWS. During a pandemic, several new directions in the development of vaccines have appeared in world medicine and virology. As the director of the Federal Scientific Center for Research and Development of Immunobiological Preparations named after V.I. M.P. Chumakova Aydar Ishmukhametov, new technologies have accelerated the process of creating immune drugs.

As Aydar Ishmukhametov explained, the new KoviVac vaccine was made on the basis of an unique technology that has not yet been used abroad. "According to the first experience," the scientist noted, "we can say that for seven months the immune protection works. Other vaccines created by the same method, and which are included in the national immunization schedule, give immunity for several years, and some for life."

It took Russian scientists two months to create a technology for the production of a vaccine against the CoviVac coronavirus. According to Anastasia Pinyaeva, head of the development and implementation department of the Chumakov Center, the scientists received a vaccine strain in a month, and the technology took two more. Then the doctors proceeded to preclinical and clinical examinations.

The third Russian vaccine against Covid-19, which got the name "KoviVac", was officially registered on February 20, 2021. The medicine was invented by the Chumakov Federal Research Centre belonging to the Russian Academy of Sciences.