OREANDA-NEWS At the IFA 2019, the South Korean company Samsung introduced a number of its high-tech innovations. Among them, a special place was taken by the AirDresser wardrobe with the function of cleaning clothes.

Among the presented developments of the corporation were a modernized vacuum cleaner with a digital inverter motor and a five-stage cyclone filter, which captures almost 99.99% of any dust and allergens. An elegant and functional air purifier, working without any noise and drafts, also attracted attention.

However, the highlight of the exhibition was the unique Samsung AirDresser cabinet. It independently removes dust from the surface of the fabric using powerful air jets of air. Also, the novelty gently disinfects clothes and destroys bacteria. In such a cabinet it will be possible to hang even wet things, as it dries them out and, thanks to a deodorizing filter, eliminates any odors.