OREANDA-NEWS. The Christofari supercomputer, developed by SberCloud (the Sberbank cloud platform) together with the American technology company NVIDIA, was included in the top 500 world rating of the most powerful computers. In the updated rating, he took 29th place.

In a ranking of the 500 most powerful supercomputers published in June this year, Russia was represented by only two machines - Lomonosov-2 from Moscow State University and Supercomputers of the Roshydromet main computing center. Then they settled down at 93rd and 364th places, respectively. In the new ranking, both computers significantly lost their positions: Lomonosov-2 fell to 107th place, and Roshydromet's computer fell to 465th.

Sberbank announced the creation of the most powerful supercomputer in Russia on November 8. David Rafalovsky, Executive Vice President and Head of the Sberbank Technology block, told the Russian media that this machine will accelerate the development of services and processes based on artificial intelligence.