OREANDA-NEWS.On Thursday, June 6, Sberbank's subsidiary Cloud Technologies (provides cloud services under the SberCloud brand) signed an agreement with the American Nvidia Corporation at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. This is stated in the message received by the Russian media from Sberbank. The agreement involves the joint development and implementation on the Russian market of products and services based on artificial intelligence. In particular, the companies will develop a strategy for introducing artificial intelligence into the Sberbank ecosystem, finalize the SberCloud AI Cloud AI solution, which will be sold to both the largest Russian corporations and small and medium-sized businesses, scientific and educational institutions.

AI Cloud users will be able to work with all the main areas of artificial intelligence technology: analysis and speech synthesis, computer vision, character and text recognition, decision support system, automatic training of computer systems, the report says. In addition, the agreement between SberCloud and Nvidia should allow to start developing devices related to the “Internet of Things” (IoT) based on the technologies of the American company.

In December 2017, Sberbank approved a new strategy, according to which by 2020 it should be transformed into a universal technological company, whose competitors could be Google, Amazon and Alibaba. In early March, Sberbank registered almost 200 domain names containing the word sber. According to Rusbase, Sberbank has also acquired the Internet addresses of sberkolonka.ru and sberstanciya.ru and is considering the possibility of issuing own “smart” column. The representative of Sberbank didn't comment on what devices can be made in cooperation with Nvidia.