OREANDA-NEWS. Climate change may lead to even more massive migration to Russia of residents of southern states. This forecast was given by Vladimir Kattsov, director of the Voeikov Main Geophysical Observatory.

He believes that this can happen. According to the scientist, "it is highly likely that the resettlement will come from the southern borders of Russia, the CIS countries located there. In Central Asia, problems with water resources are key. And not only in Central Asia, such problems are also typical for the south of Ukraine and Moldova."

On the other hand, as the expert pointed out, theoretically, even in such a situation of lack of water resources, countries can adapt - for example, like Israel.

According to him, the vast territory of Russia with a diverse climate has great potential for adapting people to changes, "therefore, the whole country will not need to move."

Vladimir Kattsov noted that such a variety of climatic zones, which exists in Russia, partly provides its inhabitants with a resource of adaptation. He clarified: “Russia, unlike some countries and especially vulnerable regions, for example, small island states in the Pacific Ocean, which may simply disappear from the face of the Earth as a result of climate change, has significant adaptive potential. other countries".