OREANDA-NEWS The development of cooperation between Russian and Chinese scientists in the study of the World Ocean plans to discuss the leadership of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) in the course of the working visit of the delegation of the RAS, headed by the President of the Academy Alexander Sergeyev in China, which will begin on March 24, reported the representative of the press-services of the RAS on Friday.

"During the working visit of the RAS management to China, which will begin on March 24, it is planned to hold a joint Chinese-Russian seminar, which will be held at the Institute of deep water research and engineering of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The seminar will present the new results of our academies in the field of study of the oceans and considered new joint projects", - he said.

In particular, they will discuss the development of new technical means for the development of the ocean, the problems of exploration of mineral and biological resources of the ocean depths, joint efforts to preserve the unique underwater ecosystems in the North-Western Pacific Ocean.

"It is planned to discuss cooperation in the field of space technologies for monitoring the world ocean, satellite control of dangerous atmospheric phenomena over its surface, technologies for control of the upper layers of the ocean. The issues of assessment of stocks and technologies of rational use of fish resources to solve the problems of food security will be discussed, new results in the field of marine pharmacology - obtaining new biologically active compounds from deep - sea organisms for the creation of new drugs will be considered," the representative of the press service of the RAS said.