OREANDA-NEWS. Researchers from the National Hospital of Denmark have found out how effective masks are in protecting healthy people from contracting coronavirus. The results of this study are available on the National Hospital website.

It is noted that experts conducted a study involving more than six thousand people before the Danish authorities introduced restrictions related to COVID-19. The volunteers were divided into two groups, in one of which participants wore masks in public, and in the other they did not. A month later, it turned out that in the first group, 1.8 percent were infected with the coronavirus, and in the second - 2.1 percent.

Thus, scientists calculated that the mask in this particular case reduced the risk of infection by 15-20 percent. However, the researchers emphasized that this data is relevant when there are no massive restrictions and other people are not wearing masks and are not keeping a safe distance.

The researchers also stressed that they did not study the effectiveness of masks on already infected patients, that is, they did not investigate the possibility of preventing the spread of coronavirus by already sick people.

At the same time, experts strongly recommend that you follow such simple measures as wearing masks in public places and social distancing in order to protect yourself from coronavirus infection, at least to some extent.