OREANDA-NEWS. Researchers from New Zealand and Belgium have discovered three new shark species, that glow in the dark. This is reported by «NBC News» with reference to a publication in the «Frontiers in Marine Science» journal.

Scientists discovered bioluminescence in three species of deep-sea sharks caught while fishing near the Chatham underwater upland off New Zealand in January 2020 — the luminous «Etmopterus lucifer», the southern shark «Etmopterus granulosus», and the black shark «Dalatias licha».

The black shark is the largest known luminous underwater creature. The shark usually swims at a depth of 300 meters below sea level and preys on smaller sharks, fish and crustaceans. This discovery is the first time scientists have been able to find evidence of bioluminescence in sharks.

Further research is needed to find out why the black shark is luminescent. Scientists suggest, that the slow-moving shark uses it's natural glow to illuminate the ocean floor when it hunts for food, or to disguise itself when it approaches prey.