OREANDA-NEWS. Scientists have found a new mutation of the Coronavirus in California. It was named CAL. 20C, The New York Times reported on Tuesday, January 19. The researchers suggest that the new version of the coronavirus appeared in July, but until November it was relatively rare, and then began to spread rapidly.

According to a new research, it was the CAL.20C mutation, that was detected in more than half of the viral genome samples collected in Los Angeles laboratories on January 13. Scientists discovered this variant while investigating the «British» version of the coronavirus. American scientist said, that the new mutation did not come from Europe. They believe, that new Coronavirus type has appeared in USA, and during the holidays, it had a chance to start spreading rapidly.

There is no evidence, that CAL. 20C is more deadly, than other coronavirus variants. In addition, scientists need to conduct more research to determine whether it spreads faster than other coronavirus mutations. However, some American experts point out that CAL. 20C probably plays a big role in the increase in the number of cases in Southern California.

The state of California leads the United States by a large margin in the number of cases of coronavirus infection. infection was detected in more than 3 million people, 34 thousand people died from the effects of COVID-19.