OREANDA-NEWS Recently, scientists have discovered a planet that strongly resembles the Earth. Despite a number of significant differences, the considered celestial figure is also located in the solar system.

As it became known, we are talking about the moons of Saturn, Titan. On the surface of the celestial figure there are snow-capped mountain peaks, as well as seas and sand beaches. In addition, it was able to detect rain clouds, as well as clouds. Despite a number of similarities, Titan has a lot of differences from the Earth. First of all, the seas there are not filled with water, but with various gases in liquid form. Among them are propane, methane and ethane.

Taking into consideration that Titan is at a considerable distance from the Sun, the temperature on its surface is -180 degrees by Celsius. Oxygen is completely absent in the atmosphere of a celestial body, and volcanoes erupt ammonia on its surface. These facts make Titan unsuitable for life.