OREANDA-NEWS. Symptoms of coronavirus infection in children can persist for up to five months. This is evidenced by the results of a research by Danish scientists, in which more than 30 thousand children took part. The most common «long» symptoms of the disease were weakness, loss of sense of smell and taste.

A group of scientists from Denmark conducted a research of the features of the course of the so-called long COVID-19 among children. The researchers attributed to this condition cases in which the symptoms of coronavirus infection persisted in patients for more than four weeks after the acute phase of the disease, as well as manifestations of postcovid syndrome, which are observed for more than three months.

«In most cases, the symptoms of the «long» COVID-19 disappeared within one to five months», the scientists said in an article about the results of the work.

Oksana Stanevich, an employee of the Institute of Interdisciplinary Medical Research at the European University, believes that the results of the research by Danish scientists look logical, and the duration of symptoms in children over 15 years old can be comparable with the same indicator in adults. At the same time, increased fatigue can be treated with minimal rehabilitation, while there are no methods of treating loss of smell and taste yet, even for adults. The mechanisms of the occurrence of bridge-like symptoms are still unknown.