OREANDA-NEWS  A team of scientists from Barcelona, ​​led by Nuria Montserrat, found that diabetes contributes to the spread of coronavirus infection in the human body. The results of the study are published on bioRxiv, reports TASS. 

After conducting a study, scientists have come to the conclusion that complications are associated with the kidney function inherent in people with diabetes. The fact is that surges in blood glucose levels activate the increased production of the ACE2 receptor. As a result, not only does the risk of kidney failure increase, but also dangerous complications due to infection with the virus.

"Constant fluctuations in glucose levels change the metabolism in the cells of diabetics and the work of their genes in such a way that they begin to produce many molecules of the ACE2 receptor. This contributes to the spread of coronavirus in the tissues of the kidneys of diabetics and in other organs", - the authors of the work explained.