OREANDA-NEWS  Scientists at New York University in the United States have identified that patients with schizophrenia, who are sick with COVID-19, die three times more often than people without mental disorders. At the same time, the risk of severe complications can't be explained by a higher level of heart disease, diabetes and other factors. 

Researchers analyzed 7,348 medical histories of men and women treated for COVID-19 in the midst of a pandemic in New York City hospitals between March 3 and May 31, 2020. Among them, 14 percent were identified who were diagnosed with schizophrenia, mood disorders or anxiety. The researchers then calculated the mortality rate of patients within 45 days of a positive virus test result.

In fact, that schizophrenia is the largest risk factor (likely to die is 2.7 times more), and after reaching the age of 75, the probability of death increases by 35.7 times. In second place after schizophrenia was the male sex and heart disease.

The results of the new study suggest that there may be something in the biology of schizophrenia itself that makes those who have it more vulnerable to COVID-19 and other viral infections. One possible explanation is a violation of the immune system.