OREANDA-NEWS.  American scientists conducted an experiment at the Medical center of the University of Nebraska, which managed to completely remove HIV from the DNA of mice, reported the journal Nature Communication.

Antiretroviral treatment limits the spread of the virus, and, consequently, stops it from spreading. But the virus DNA from the genome is not removed, and thus, upon termination of therapy the activity can resume. Therefore, it adds the CRISPR-Cas9 system that edits DNA of the virus and cuts providesnew HIV DNA from the host organism.

Modern methods of treatment involve antiretroviral therapy for infected people — it inhibits the replication of HIV in cells, but does not display the virus from the body, therefore, cannot be considered a cure and requires lifelong use.

If infected stops therapy, HIV aktiviziruyutsya and resumes replication until the development of AIDS. Recovery of HIV is associated with the ability to integrate virus DNA into the genomes of cells of the immune system, where they are inaccessible to antiretroviral drugs.