OREANDA-NEWS. Scientists have Proved, That the «Loch Ness Monster» is a Fiction to Attract Tourists. They came to these conclusions after analyzing samples of water, silt and sand from the lake, where the Nessie supposedly lives. However, no traces of DNA could be found in the samples. The search for the monster using sonar was also unsuccessful.

The first mention of Nessie, as the mysterious creature who live in a deep lake «Loch Ness» in Scotland, dates back to the time of the Roman invasion of the British Isles. Further, one of the atlases of 1325 gives a description of a huge fish with a long neck and the head of a snake. In the 16th century, fishermen began to disappear in the lake, while those who escaped claimed, that they were attacked by a monster, but no one could clearly describe it. The reality of this animal was not confirmed by anything, except the words of people.

Earlier, 89-year-old American scientist Henry Bauer said, that he had found the solution to the mystery of Nessie. According to a former professor of chemistry and natural sciences at Virginia Polytechnic Institute, the mythical creature is an ancient species of sea turtle, trapped during the last ice age.