OREANDA-NEWS The first day of the Digital Forum in St. Petersburg is drawing to a close - Lenexpo has become a platform for demonstrating the capabilities of artificial intelligence.

“It is not technology that is gaining increasing importance, but a man. This is a challenge. They always wrote in science fiction novels that as the digital economy develops, a person will no longer be needed, a machine will do everything. I have the opposite point of view. I just think that as technology develops, the importance of man will only increase, because a machine does not know how to create a car,” said Sergey Kirienko, first deputy head of the presidential administration of Russia.

Prior to the main event of the forum, Acting Governor of St. Petersburg Alexander Beglov examined the exposition. Dozens of stands were located in the Lenexpo space - the focus is very different. This is a breakthrough technology for smart homes, robotics and electronic document management not only for one specific person, but for the whole city. First, the acting governor showed the main document of the Northern capital - the digital budget. In fact, this is a digital financial model in which specialists will be able to simulate management processes, see how much money is allocated for one direction or another, where the money comes from.