OREANDA-NEWS Scientists have drawn the conclusion that a new generation of nanoparticles can help in the microsurgical treatment of cancer. Moreover, nanodiscs are more effective in destroying cancer cells than conventional nanoparticles.

The data obtained as a result of the research allowed Krasnoyarsk scientists to create discs for a nanoscalpel, which can burn out cancer cells. The results of the work were published in the journal Nanomaterials, according to the publication of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Success in the treatment of cancer depends on the effectiveness of removing all cancer cells from the body. There is need a surgical instrument that works on the principle of "find and neutralize" - it kills diseased cells without affecting healthy ones. A scalpel on nanodiscs can become such a tool, says co-author of the study, leading researcher of the KSC SB RAS, Doctor of Biological Sciences Anna Kichkailo.

"We have developed and tested prototypes of nanodisks. Preliminary results show that they work effectively and selectively destroy cancer cells. The experiments were carried out on cell cultures and in mice", - the doctor of science said. The work will be continued.