OREANDA-NEWS. Ntech Lab will help find missing people. The developer presented a multi-object video analytics platform at the CIPR conference in Nizhny Novgorod, which in real time is able to recognize the silhouettes of passers-by and cars, as well as track the trajectory of their movements. The recognition will take into account the color of the clothes, gait and height. You can search for a person by glasses, a hat, or even a beard.

According to representatives of the company, the algorithm can also identify a car, determining its color, brand, individual characteristics from street cameras, where cars are not very clearly visible, and where license plates cannot be recognized, or only part of the car is visible.

The company also said that the authorities are interested in the technology, it is already being used even in Latin America in the public transport system and in various projects in the CIS countries. In Russia, according to information from the TASS agency, the Ministry of Internal Affairs began to use the new system for recognizing faces and silhouettes in five regions of the country.

Ntech Lab became famous five years ago when it released the FindFace service, which made it possible to find a person's profile on the VKontakte social network using a photograph of a person. However, as a public service, it did not last very long, and was transformed into a set of solutions for business and government agencies. It is Ntech Lab technologies that work, for example, with the data stream of street surveillance cameras in Moscow. The authorities of the capital use the facial recognition system to search for violators of the law, and during the lockdown it was used to search for violators of the self-isolation regime.

In addition, Ntech Lab is considered one of the world leaders in face recognition. The company has repeatedly won at international technology forums, its developments were recognized as the best at the competition of the American agency for advanced research in the field of intelligence, and the Russian team actually declared itself abroad when it defeated colleagues from Google itself.