OREANDA-NEWSAn agreement on the creation of an IT cluster between the Skolkovo IC and the company from San Marino will be signed as part of the World Rally - 2019. This was told to the Russian media by the organizer of the race, the president of the charitable foundation "The Future of the Motherland", Curie Usmanov.

International Marathon "World Rally" - an annual world event in the official program of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. The start of the first stage of the competition will be given on May 27 in Monte Carlo, and the finish will be held on June 6 in St. Petersburg at the forum site. "World Rally" is held for the third time, if in 2017 and 2018, participants competed in retro cars, this time electric cars will start. The Skolkovo Foundation for the first time became a partner of the rally.

“This year we decided to make such an innovative format, especially since Skolkovo is now involved,” Usmanov said. “We are planning to sign an agreement between Skolkovo and a local company to create an IT cluster in San Marino. This is the way out for startups Russian companies to the European market through San Marino. The authorities of the state will meet rally right on the square near the government palace, there will be several ministers - they all enthusiastically reacted to this project and support it. "

“Our country and Europe are now in a format where there is some political acuity, mutual rhetoric, we believe that our project“ World Rally ”can add a look at common problems from the other side. The rally will pass through 10 countries and 25 largest cities, along with the rally participants, the mayors will meet, everyone will see that this is the "World Rally", that the participants are from different countries. Thousands of people will see the rally, and at the finish line at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum everyone will see Europeans who came with a good attitude towards us. Special people are involved in politics, but I want to make some contribution, because I am a citizen of Russia", Usmanov concluded.