OREANDA-NEWSThe resident company of the cluster of biomedical technologies of the Skolkovo Foundation has developed a hardware system, the use of which reduces mortality among patients with ischemic stroke by 48%. The results of the clinical trials conducted in Russian clinics were reported on Tuesday by the press service of the Skolkovo Foundation. 

One of the ways to treat stroke is craniocerebral hypothermia. It is used to artificially lower the patient's body temperature, including cooling the brain to protect it from damage during ischemic stroke (protecting neurons from oxygen starvation, hindering the development of brain edema).Classical technology involves reducing the temperature of the whole body, and the cost of this procedure is very high due to the disposable components of the applied import system. Skolkovo specialists created a device equipped with a reusable helmet and acting only on the necessary area - the brain. A two-channel apparatus can be used to treat two patients at the same time, effectiveness has been proven by clinical trials.

Testing was conducted for one and a half years in five leading clinics in Russia. The study involved 620 patients with various pathologies of the brain. "The device has allowed to reduce mortality in ischemic stroke by 48%", - said in a statement. 

Unlike foreign analogues, the new device has a feedback function - the device reads temperature readings in different areas of the head and automatically corrects the cooling procedure. According to the authors of the study, the approach is safe and effective for treating patients in intensive care units and intensive care, as well as in the emergency and urgent care system. For this, experts will create a portable device model.