OREANDA-NEWS. Archaeologists in Krasnoyarsk found the place of cutting of prey hunters of the stone age. Among the found remains of animals and tools during the excavations were found the skull of a cave lion.

There, archaeologists found a large number of tools of ancient people — flakes, scrapers, cutters, piercings, choppers and chopping (chopping tools). "All in all we were more than 2 thousand names. That is, the ancient people there were treated the carcasses of animals, splitting the bones, extract marrow. This cutting of animal carcasses at the bottom, a lion, probably also fell under the comb," said the archaeologist.

Archaeological site dates back to the Paleolithic era (stone age), the age of the finds is 20-30 years. Also, archaeologists have found bones of horse, reindeer, red deer, onager and Buffalo.