OREANDA-NEWS. As the director of the Gamaleya center Alexander Gintsburg told RIA Novosti, those people who have already had coronavirus still need to be vaccinated anyway. He clarified that if, after the first vaccination, the neutralizing antibodies are at a level of 1: 3200 and above, this is already enough.

At the same time, Alexander Gintsburg explained that he does not share the official position of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation that people who have had coronavirus do not need to be vaccinated against this infection. He is sure that it is still necessary to be vaccinated even after suffering COVID-19.

He clarified that if it is not possible to measure the level of antibodies after the first vaccination, then you can be vaccinated a second time.

Also, the director of the Gamaleya Center recommends not wearing masks when the level of neutralizing antibodies is 1: 3200 and above, since, in his opinion, this prevents maintaining the required level of protection.

As Gunzburg told RIA Novosti: "Virus-neutralizing antibodies should (be) 1: 3200, you can do more. This is good. And after that, with such a titer of antibodies, I can say another seditious thing that you can walk without a mask in order to this antibody level has been constantly maintained at a high level. "