OREANDA-NEWS A Russian expert in the field of anti-aging surgery, candidate of medical Sciences Ksenia Avdoshenko has debunked several popular myths related to facial surgery. She shared information on this topic with "Lenta.ru" on Friday, February 25.

According to the doctor, many patients believe that after plastic surgery, the face can change beyond recognition: it will become stretched and flat, the mouth will stretch, there will be problems with facial expressions, scars will form. However, Avdoshenko said that the result of the operation directly depends on the qualification of the specialist.

"This can happen if only the surgeon operates and tightens the subcutaneous tissues using outdated techniques. An experienced doctor works with ligaments holding the face, anatomically moves subcutaneous tissues, or rather the SMAS layer, and at the same time neither the wings of the nose nor the corners of the mouth stretch," she explained and added that during the operation she pays great attention to the quality and location of scars to make traces of it minimally noticeable.

Avdoshenko also noted that surgical SMAS lifting - a rejuvenating operation that affects the deep layers of the face - has been performed in Russia for more than 20 years.

In addition, the plastic surgeon gave advice on how to preserve the effect of the operation for as long as possible. To do this, it is necessary to maintain a stable weight, give up smoking and maintain the quality of the skin with the help of such cosmetic procedures as mesotherapy, plasmalifting and botulinum toxin injections.