OREANDA-NEWS  TSMC will partner with Apple to develop an augmented reality headset. This information is provided by the Nikkei agency.

The American corporation has agreed on cooperation with its longtime partner TSMC. The Taiwanese company is the sole supplier of iPhone processors. Both sides will be engaged in the creation of an augmented reality headset that will combine the functions of smart glasses.

The companies are planning to develop micro-OLED displays. These screens are not located on a glass substrate like classic IPS or OLED panels, but on a special plate. This technology will help you find the optimal display for your headset - very thin and energy efficient.

The joint project of the two companies is in its infancy. According to experts, smart glasses may enter the market in the next few years.

According to the agency, work on the Apple and TSMC project is taking place in a secret laboratory located in the Longtan district of the northern Taiwanese city of Taoyuan.