OREANDA-NEWS Russian cosmonaut, now a State Duma deputy Maxim Suraev, believes that long two-day flight schemes from Earth to the ISS are more convenient for cosmonauts, since they have time to sleep and eat, and not to perform work in an emergency mode.

Earlier, Roskosmos confirmed that the October Soyuz MS-17 will be the first manned spacecraft to go to the International Space Station using an ultra-short two-turn scheme. The crew will reach the ISS in three hours.

The Russian cosmonaut told that all of them want to fly as fast as possible, but his first flight was in a two-day scheme, and the other in six hours in a short scheme. And he considers the two-day scheme was much more comfortable for him. When the cosmonaut arrives to the ISS when he prepares everything, dries his spacesuits, people will be stunned, in Maxim Suraev’s opinion. He explains that a cosmonaut  just already works on the machine and does not understand what he is doing, because it is very difficult for a human.

He added he is glad that the cosmonauts reached the ISS so fast but he is sure that it’s not good for them at all.

According to him, the two-day flight schemes allow the crew to adapt to zero gravity after stress at the start, to rest and refresh themselves.