OREANDA-NEWS. A team of South Korean and German scientists has developed a unique robot for curling. Precision of throwing a stone is extremely important to win in this kind of sport. The robot is called Curly, and he is the first who uses artificial intelligence and computer learning algorithms to spin the stone in the most optimal way and push out the enemy's ones.

Artificial intelligence has long been beating human champions some kinds of sport such as in computer games or chess. However in curling, not only strategy but also physical strength plays an important role to throw stones accurately and play successfully. And the combination of these two factors has been still beyond artificial intelligence’s control. First the robot was tested for a long time by the computer, and only after this it was used to play agains human sportsmen.

In this respect Curly combines two types of robots: one of them watches disposition of stones while the other one throws the stone itself. Besides Curly employs a "deep reinforcement learning" system that allows it to learn from its own mistakes.

As a result, the curling robot has beaten successfully two Korean national teams (the women's one and the para-team). Finally Curly has won three out of four games with the humans.