OREANDA-NEWS. Cloth masks are ineffective against the Omicron strain of coronovirus. Respirators are the best protection against infection. This was announced on Thursday, January 20, by physician Alexei Vodovozov.

“Now they are trying to refuse sheet masks. That is, for previous genetic variants, they were more or less relevant, closer to Delta, they began to show that they filter poorly. It’s even much worse than an ordinary medical mask,” Vodovozov told the Moscow 24 channel.

Medical masks are more effective than fabric ones, however, when they are worn, an unsealed undermask space remains, so there is a constant penetration of ambient air.

Vodovozov reminded that when the mask gets wet, it must be removed and thrown away. The doctor advises giving preference to second-class respirators - they will help reduce the amount of inhaled and exhaled viral particles.

“In terms of cost, it is almost comparable to two masks, and in terms of efficiency it bypasses it very much, because it provides filtering up to 95%. We reduce the number of particles that a sick person spreads and that a healthy person can then inhale. For Omicron, this is incredibly important, because this genetic variant of the coronavirus is highly contagious," Vodovozov added.

Earlier in the day, Andrey Kryukov, chief otorhinolaryngologist of Moscow, said that when infected with the Omicron strain of coronavirus, it is better to start treatment with anti-cold drugs, rather than antibiotics.

Kryukov said that to relieve inflammation in the throat, it is better to use antiseptic solutions for rinsing. You can also use tablets and sprays with anesthetic.

On January 20, virologist Yevgeny Timakov said that due to the rapid course of the disease with the Omicron coronavirus strain, an express test should be done in the first four days from the moment the first symptom appears. According to the expert, rapid tests detect coronavirus, including Omicron, if the smear is taken correctly. However, they may show a negative result when tested late.