OREANDA-NEWS. According to Vladimir Beketov, a physician at the Sechenov University Clinical Hospital, one of the most popular vitamins, vitamin C, not only does not help in the prevention of viral diseases, but can harm the human body if consumed excessively.

He assures that there is no reliable scientific data on the effectiveness of vitamins, especially vitamin C, in the prevention and treatment of acute respiratory viral infections, influenza, and even more so COVID-19. According to the expert, the use of vitamin preparations and dietary supplements is not included in any clinical recommendations and treatment protocols.

In addition, the doctor recalled, the intake of vitamin C should not exceed one gram per day. Exceeding this norm can lead to disruption of the menstrual cycle in women and salt deposits in the kidneys.

According to Vladimir Beketov, with sufficient daily consumption of bran (10-50 grams), vegetables and fruits (at least 250 grams per day), as well as fermented milk products, additional intake of vitamins is not needed, since in this case the required amount of vitamin enters the body from food. To replenish vitamin C reserves in the body, doctors advise to eat not only lemons, but also pay attention to red bell peppers, which have much more vitamin C. One hundred grams of red bell peppers will provide you 200 percent of the daily value.