OREANDA-NEWS Sea air and salt water have long been used by people as a way to normalize mental balance and get rid of joint problems. Alexander Goryachev, a doctor at the Krasnodar Center for Medical Prevention, spoke about other healing properties of sea water for the human body.

With the help of sea water, people can strengthen the cardiovascular and nervous systems, get rid of problems with teeth and the thyroid gland. In addition, swimming in the sea helps lower blood pressure and saturates the body with the necessary amount of oxygen. A positive effect for blood vessels occurs due to changes in body temperature and water, which is a kind of gymnastics and massage of elastic tubular formations through which blood is “driven”, writes the AIF Internet portal.

Sea water is also useful for those suffering from skin diseases, colds or problems with the organs of the nasopharynx. Among other things, it can gargle your nose and throat, whiten your teeth, but for this you need to take water at a depth of more than two meters - clean and without sediment. Iodine in seawater activates the brain, positively affects on memory and the thyroid gland.